Medical cover

Medical cover is normally the main purpose of travel insurance and it is important to know what medical cover is provided in your policy. Generally medical cover is for expenses incurred as a result of sudden and unforeseen bodily injury, illness or death during a trip.

Hospital ward

Usually this will include medical expenses for the immediate needs of an unforeseen medical emergency; which may include:

1)  Medical Practitioner’s fees, hospital expenses, in-patient and out-patient medical treatment and charges for medical transportation to the nearest suitable hospital abroad, when deemed necessary by a recognised Medical Practitioner.

2)  Burial or cremation of a deceased Insured Person abroad or transportation costs of returning Home an Insured Person’s body or ashes.

3)  Additional travelling costs to repatriate you Home and the cost of a medical escort if considered necessary.

Some policies also offer a further section most commonly known as “Hospital Daily benefit”, it is important to note that this section is not for the cost of any medical emergency expenses it is usually a benefit payment in the unfortunate event that you spend a certain period of time in hospital during your trip.

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