Minimising the risk of winter holiday cancellation

A guide to the causes of cancelled winter holidays and preventative measures to take.

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With the economy in such a changeable state, there has never been a better time to guard against holiday cancellation. Although cancellations are relatively rare occurrences for the most part, the financial impact they can have is now felt deeply by holidaymakers with the result that many are now taking necessary precautions to protect against unforeseen circumstances.

Illness and accidents

There are a number of factors, entirely out of the control of holidaymakers, that can lead to a break being put off or even cancelled altogether. Illness, accidents or unforeseeable loss of work for example, could all place travellers in a difficult position if accommodation, flights and other travel-related events have already been booked. In such a situation, many find it tough to find full recompense if they are not covered to some extent against holiday cancellation. However, with a little pre-planning and some decent winter holiday insurance, the financial losses associated with unfortunate events such as these can be prevented or minimised - with minimal hassle.

The Weather

During the wintertime, statistics show that a higher number of holidays are cancelled (or substantially delayed) in the UK and Europe than during any other season of the year. The causes vary from the increased likelihood of having a personal accident due to ice, snow and reduced visibility, to weather-related factors prohibiting travel to certain affected destinations. Winter weather systems often have the potential to delay travel for a week or longer (at least, in particularly serious scenarios), by which time many holidaymakers' designated windows for their breaks might well have ended, with the return to work approaching. So, while adverse weather itself cannot be prevented from taking its toll on a holiday, its potentially disruptive effects may be somewhat avoided by booking a holiday to an area that typically receives milder weather, or even a certain degree of winter sun.

Of course, accurate forecasts tend not to extend far enough to be of any immediate use when booking most types of holiday. But seasonal trends, advice and documented weather patterns for most areas of the world can be quickly found and researched using online travel resources. And, if it is necessary to travel to a destination commonly affected by harsh winter weather (most skiing resorts inclusive), then careful consideration of a cancellation plan of some description would likely be advisable.

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