Money saving tips for travelling

Travelling is top of many people's lists - the lure of adventure is incredibly enticing and many people love the idea of backpacking through Europe or trekking in the Himalayas - but often the reality of budget constraints can prevent you from biting the bullet and booking the flight. However, there are many ways to travel on a tight budget. We've put together some useful tips on how to travel for less!

Holiday money jar

Make small sacrifices

Small changes to your lifestyle - foregoing the new branded jeans you wanted and opting for own-brand instead will really help save the pennies. Also opt for budget-friendly alternatives such as own-brand groceries before you go away!

Cutting down on luxuries

Yes, it's true that spa days, 3 course meals and cocktails overlooking the sunset really add something special - but these kind of luxuries are just that - luxuries. It's nice to to treat yourself when you're on a once in a lifetime trip, but don't let these turn into all-too-regular occurrences. There are many cultural activities to experience that are budget friendly - hire a mountain bike, go hiking in the local area or try the local cuisines off the beaten track that are often cheaper than expensive tourist-trap restaurants.

Volunteer at hostels

Hostels in Europe are some of the most expensive, but one way to reduce the cost of accommodation is by volunteering in the hostel itself - often the place will take money off the cost of your stay if you're able to do this!

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