Flight delay

What happens if my flight is delayed?

Under European Union (EU) travel regulations, You are entitled to claim compensation from your carrier if any of the following happen:

1 Denied boarding and cancelled flights: If you check-in on...

Lost or delayed luggage

What happens if my luggage is lost of delayed

Under European Union (EU) travel regulations, you may be entitled to claim compensation from your
carrier if your baggage is lost, damaged or delayed. You may be entitled to compensation limited to about...

What countries are included within Europe?

Which countries are included in the definition of Europe?

It can sometimes be confusing which countries a travel insurance policy will define as being part of 'Europe' as they don’t always follow exact geographic or political boundaries. Sometimes insurers will include...

Do annual policies cover independent travel?

Do annual policies cover us if we travel separately?

Annual couple policies often allow the adults to travel independently of each other and even on separate trips at the same time.

So if you have an annual couple or family policy and are planning separate trips...

Independent travel for children

Can children travel independently?

That depends on the policy. Some Insurers will allow children to travel independently of the adults on the policy, however this rarely means 'alone'.

Children under 18 travelling separately from their parents must...

What cover do you offer cover for gadgets?

Do you offer cover for gadgets on your policies?

Not all of our policies cover Gadgets.  If you wish to include your Gadgets please click the link below to get a Quote. The gadget option is found on the quote page after you have chosen your level of cover.


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