How do I make a claim?

The easiest, fastest and most reliable way to make a claim is to sign in to your Member Account and click the 'Make a Claim' link in the dropdown list for the policy you want to claim on.

Alternatively you can to call the claims telephone number found at the bottom of your insurance certificate and ask for a claims form. If you can't find your certificate you can print another one from your account area. The login is the email address you used when you bought the policy and the password is the one sent to you at the same time by email.

All claims must be submitted on a claims form, within 28 days of your return, accompanied by original invoices, receipts, reports, etc.

Please refer to the relevant section of your policy for specific conditions and details of the supporting evidence that you need to provide. Please remember that it is always advisable to retain copies of all documents when submitting your claim.

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