Why can't I get a quote?

If you are encountering problems using our website or getting a quote you can try the following:


You will need to accept cookies in your browser in order for us to give you a quote. A Cookie is a very small text file that is usually used by your web browser to allow a website to remember any selections you make while on the site. The cookie we use is completely harmless but without it we cannot process your insurance application.  

To allow cookies on your computer in Internet Explorer click on Tools and then Internet Options in the menu bar and select the Privacy tab. Change your settings to allow cookies or add this site as an exception.

In Firefox click Tools then Options and then the Privacy tab. Select ‘Accept cookies from sites’ and ‘Keep until they expire’


You will need to have JavaScript is enabled in your browser in order to get a quote .

Internet Explorer 7.X
1.    Click on the Tools button located in the upper left part of the screen
2.    Select 'Internet Options' at the end of the menu
3.    Click on the 'Security' tab
4.    Click on the 'Custom Level...' button
5.    Scroll down to the 'Scripting' section and set the option 'Active scripting' to 'Enable' and click OK
6.    Click 'Yes'
7.    Refresh the page

Internet Explorer 6.X
1.    Select Tools from the top menu
2.    Choose 'Internet Options'
3.    Click on the 'Security' tab
4.    Click on 'Custom Level'
5.    Scroll down until you see section labelled 'Scripting'
6.    Under 'Active Scripting', select 'Enable' and click OK

Mozilla Firefox 1.5, 2.X, 3.X
1.    Select Options from the Tools menu
2.    Click on Content
3.    Click on the check box "Enable JavaScript" and Click OK
4.    Refresh/reload the page

1.    Select Safari from the top menu
2.    Choose 'Preferences'
3.    Choose 'Security'
4.    Select the check box next to 'Enable JavaScript'
5.    Click Reload


Opera 6.X, 7.X, 8.X, 9.X
1.    Click the Tools menu
2.    Select 'Preferences'
3.    Click on the 'Advanced' tab
4.    Click on the 'Content' option
5.    Check the 'Enable JavaScript' check box
6.    Click the OK button
7.    Refresh the page

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