Go-Sim pre-paid international mobile calls abroad

Insurance Republic has teamed up with GO-SIM to offer all customers an international pre-paid mobile phone service.

Active in 175 countries, GO-SIM can save you up to 85% on UK phone network providers’ charges. With pay-as-you-go top-ups and no monthly bill, GO-SIM is ideal for all sorts of travellers. From just £10.00, the service comes in the form of a SIM card, purchasable with pre-paid airtime, which you insert into your phone in replacement of your regular SIM card.

Where most UK network providers would charge, GO-SIM avoids unnecessary costs. As well as offering reduced call and text rates, it is free to receive text messages in 175 countries and free to receive incoming calls in over 75 countries.

Whether you are a backpacker travelling through multiple countries, have an Annual policy and travel abroad frequently, or are taking a long Single Trip, GO-SIM could save you money.

Visit GO-SIM to find out more information and to purchase your SIM card.

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