Group policy

Group travel insurance is a means of buying a policy that will cover a group of people, who are not necessarily a family, for travelling abroad.

Group travel baggage

Accidents happen more frequently than we'd like and in our experience, it's much more likely when there's a group of travellers. That's why a group travel insurance policy makes sure that everybody you’re travelling with can be covered on the same policy and you can travel with the reassurance that gives.

When a group of people are travelling together quite often one person takes on the responsibility for getting travel insurance for everyone. So rather than purchasing individual policies, it can save time and money by covering everyone under one group insurance policy.

The only difference with a group policy is that there are more people on it and at least a small number of the travellers are not related to each other (e.g. in a couple or a family). So, with a group policy you will still get the same cover level options that you would expect from a policy for individuals. Things like cancellation, luggage, medical emergencies and lost money or possessions are all usually included as standard.

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